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Album Review: Songs of Surrender // U2

“Is it getting better? Or do you feel the same?” How to forget the iconic and endlessly romantic opening of one of U2’s greatest hits, ‘One’. A sentiment of rebirth, of a fresh start, of redemption, starts off Songs of Surrender, or SOS, the band’s new (or old) album.

Paul Hewson, Bono’s, voice is strained, almost a whisper, with his 60-odd years and nearly as many in the biggest Dublin-based band to date. “Love is a temple, love is a higher law”, what sounds like a gospel choir accompanies the

Album Review: Cuts & Bruises // Inhaler

If you could draw progress, you would know that it is not linear. It Won’t Always Be Like This introduced the public to Inhaler, a young band from Dublin who was trying too hard to be something. Their second studio album Cuts & Bruises now proves that the same band from Dublin is clearly not as young and perhaps is trying a bit less hard.

But not in a bad way. When we accept that we are who we are, more introspective thoughts come out. Especially noticeable in the first, mesmerising track ‘Just

Track Review: Tropic Morning News // The National

The year 2019 saw the last The National album to date, I Am Easy to Find. After that, between the pandemic and back-to-back touring, lead singer Matt Beringer found himself stuck in “a very dark spot where I couldn’t come up with lyrics or melodies at all”, as he explains. ‘Tropic Morning News’ was released alongside the announcement for the band’s ninth album First Two Pages of Frankenstein out on 28 April, featuring artists like Taylor Swift and Phoebe Bridgers, and a world tour happening in S

"Stories of Surrender"- How Bono Came To Terms With Being A Man: Review

I am repeatedly looking at my watch: 20:28 – 16 November 2022, it says. Twenty-eight minutes have passed and the London Palladium is filled to the brim with people waiting for the one and only Bono Vox to take possession of the stage.

Two minutes later, and thirty minutes late, the lights dim and a stripped-back version of U2’s ‘City of Blinding Lights’ starts playing. Dressed in black, like he was at his own funeral, Paul Hewson walked on stage, bowing to the adoring public. The experience was

Track Review: New Order T-Shirt // The National

Trying to write this through glossy eyes is proving harder than expected. The only time I felt like this about a song is when I first listened to ‘Slow Show’ by the same band, The National, which boasts the same warm personality as the brand new single ‘New Order T-Shirt’, taken from the upcoming album First Two Pages of Frankenstein.

Based on this song, the band has released tribute t-shirts for the iconic band New Order, available on their website. A part of the proceeds will be going to char

Interview: Benjamin Francis Leftwich on New Beginnings and Gratitude

Walking in the backyard of the church, between one puff of vape and another, we ventured into conversations about his brand new album Gratitude and his music career in general.

It being his third studio album, audible differences can be noticed if compared to the other two, and Benjamin agreed, explaining, "The main difference in the writing is that it was a lot clearer in the message. I could tell you what every single song in the album is about, whereas in the first album there was

Interview: Only The Poets Talk About the Future and James Baldwin

Not long after touring with Coasts the past autumn, Only The Poets announced a headline UK tour, which included also a show at the Dingwalls in London on February 28th. It being their biggest show ever, with a 500-person capacity, I knew I could not miss out on it. The band, even if understandably busy, was kind enough to exchange a few words with me before the show started.The first time I ever heard of Only The Poets was at Coasts' last show, and I remember that the thing that resonated the mo